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The therapy room has been set up as a warm, nurturing, masculine sanctuary with soft lighting, music and soothing natural oils.  

A shower room is situated next to the therapy space for you to use [if required] as well as fresh heated towels, grooming items and refreshing chilled water/fruit juice.

In our initial discussion I will check on your general health and clarify any specific needs that you bring to the session to determine the focus of the massage. This is your therapy time, and I will always respect your personal level of modesty. You can disrobe completely or to the level that feels comfortable for you.

I work using a broad range of techniques: 
Classical Swedish, Deep Tissue, Holistic and Eastern Influences, including Indian Head Massage and Sacred Tantric, that can be selectively blended together like a tapestry, tailored to individual need.
Massage is the most popular therapy on the market and people can easily acknowledge it’s many wonderful benefits.

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

An invigorating, nurturing full body massage from head to toe that releases tension in muscle groups and reduces stress, thus enabling a deeply relaxing chill out and potentially a good night’s sleep.

If your job is physically demanding, you play a sport, go to the gym or feel under a lot of stress, this massage should help you feel great. I can adapt the pressure applied to suit individual need.

Holistic Sacred Sensual Tantric Massage

This affirming full body massage incorporates Therapeutic and Sensual Tantric techniques, along with Synchronised breathing.

It encourages you to become more self aware, and in touch with your core humanity, gradually enabling you to let go of negative energy and conditioning influences.

The Massage has a respectful sensual dimension  that is arousing, blissfully pleasurable, profoundly relaxing and spiritually awakening, while promoting positive self esteem and a sense of well being.

This ancient eastern massage is a unique experience in its own right, and is not to be confused with sex. This is a liberating journey of healing discovery and pride in your humanity.