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Professional Holistic Nurturing Bodywork for Men

The fast pace of modern life can catch up with all of us, resulting in stress, which often leaves us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally tense, sore, drained and exhausted.

Guys often find it difficult to build in some personal nurturing time when they can fully let go, and relax, reconnecting with the essence of their humanity.

The ancient civilizations – Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman and Egyptian have left us many useful principals and techniques that still have a beneficial place within Massage Therapy in the 21st Century.

Neglecting the signs of stress can lead to health problems in our lives, restricting meaningful self development and fulfilment.

Surrendering to nurturing, sensual, healing touch can allow us to refresh/recharge our human resources, reflectively re-evaluate our personal needs/goals, feel good about ourselves and place value on the people and things that are important in our lives.

A skilled effective massage can create a profoundly affirming experience of wholeness, as balanced energy restores a positive sense of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.