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COVID19 Pandemic

Crisis & Massage Practice

The COVID19 pandemic has been a challenging and traumatic time for humanity across the globe, as its impact has been felt by us all in a diverse range of ways. 
Thankfully, we are once again beginning to embrace some normality, realistically adapting our lifestyles accordingly, while striving to live our lives to the full. 
Professional Therapists have an ethical duty of care to follow the Scottish Government’s Public Health Directives, and Practice Hygiene Protocols. 
Wearing a face covering is no longer a mandatory requirement. 
However, should any client prefer to wear one during their session, I would fully respect their preference, and also wear one myself. 
I can provide a fresh sterile surgical mask to any client who might need one.
I continue to set time aside between each client to clean my practice thoroughly, to ensure your safety and comfort. 
The images on the right hand side of this page reveal  – 
*”The Pandemic Tribute Window ” created to help lift folks spirits through providing a positive focus. 
*”The Beacon of Hope ” and “Covid Resilience ” poems compiled during lockdown. 
Please feel able to get in touch if you think I can be of any help to you. 
Take care. 
Kind Regards,
Jim Liddle 
Massage & Relaxation Therapist.