COVID19 Pandemic

Crisis & Massage Practice

During 2020, we have clearly been navigating our way through uncharted territory, as we adapt our lifestyles accordingly to cope with the COVID19 global pandemic crisis. 
Professional Therapists have an ethical duty of care to follow the Scottish Government’s Public Health Directives,  and Practice Hygiene and Safety protocols.
We have been allowed to resume practicing from 22nd July 2020.
The updated Directive (19th December 2020) allows Massage Therapists to continue practicing,  until unfortunately,
new lockdown restrictions come into effect from 26th December 2020, which require us to temporarily stop practicing until the position is reviewed by the Government in three weeks time 16th January 2021.
The wearing of a face covering is a mandatory requirement for both Therapist and Client during any session. 
I can supply a fresh sterile surgical mask to any client who might need one.
I set time aside, between each client, to clean my practice thoroughly, to ensure your comfort,  health and safety. 
Do feel able to ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer these for you.
The images on the right hand side of the page reveal * “The Tribute Window” created to help lift folks spirits, and give us a positive focus. 
* “The Beacon of Hope ” and “Covid Resilience ” – poems compiled during lockdown. 
In these strange,  challenging times,  it’s amazing how rainbow rays of love, kindness, compassion, humor,  creativity,  unity and hope,  have served to bring us together, reminding us of what’s ultimately important – the common humanity which grounds us all. 
Hang on in there guys, and feel able to get in touch if you think I can be of any help to you. 
Kind Regards, 
Jim Liddle, 
Registered Massage and Relaxation Therapist.