COVID19 Pandemic

Crisis & Massage Practice

During 2020, we have clearly been navigating our way through uncharted territory, as we adapt our lifestyle’s accordingly, to cope with the COVID19 global pandemic crisis. 
Professional Therapists have an ethical duty of care to follow the Government’s Public Health Guidelines and Directives, that required us to temporarily stop practicing between 23rd March until 22nd July in Scotland. 
I felt frustrated initially, not being able to offer any ‘hands on ‘ care to clients at such a stressful time. 
However,  I soon adapted my service, offering a free caring, listening ear, and where appropriate, some support on Stress Management,  Relaxation, Mental Health and Bereavement, alongside some regular Telephone Befriending, to a few elderly, disabled and vulnerable individuals with no family, or limited community back up.
Clients will be asked a few basic health screening questions, before being offered an appointment at my studio, where professional hygiene standards and practice protocols, will be maintained, in line with Government expectations.
The images on this page reveal * ‘The Tribute Window ‘ on the first floor landing of my stair, created to help lift folks spirits and give us a positive focus.  * ‘The Beacon of Hope ‘ – A poem compiled during lockdown. 
* ‘Miss Ophelia Mountshaft, Lady Superintendent of Nurses and Carers UK’,  who joined neighbours on Broughton Street with her hand bell, leading Community Singing of the late Pete Seeger’s Anthem “We Shall Overcome”, during ‘Clap for Carers Thursday Nights’, honouring our dedicated NHS, Carers and All Key Workers. This formidable lady, with indomitable spirit, even managed to turn a few heads, and was saluted by a Fire Engine Crew and Police Patrol! * ‘The COVID Mask’ – a poem compiled during lockdown. 
In these strange times, it’s amazing how rainbow ray’s of love, laughter, unity and hope, have served to bring us together, reminding everyone of what is ultimately important, the common humanity that grounds us all. 
Hang on in there guys, and feel able to get in touch, if you think I can be of any help to you.  
Kind Regards, 
Jim Liddle, 
Registered Massage and Relaxation Therapist. 
The COVID Mask poem imageCOVID19 Pandemic Crisis & Massage Practice from Massage For Men Edinburgh image
COVID19 Crisis image from Massage For Men Edinburgh
Massage For Men Edinburgh COVID19 The Beacon Of Hope Poem Image
Miss Mountshaft photo MassageForMen Edinburgh